My on-line Ropecon photoalbum:

Ropecon is Finnish roleplaying/LARP/CCG/Miniature gaming etc. convention. I guess it's biggest in Scandinavia. It's lasts all weekend (from friday to sunday). I have been there since 1998 and had loads of fun. Here's some pictures:

Oh, and here's mostly pictures about our gang. All pictures are taken by me or our posse. If you don't like picture of you in my gallery, let me know and I remove it.

Ropecon 1998

Ropecon 1999

Ropecon 2000

Ropecon 2001

Ropecon 2002

Ropecon 2003

Ropecon 2004

Ropecon 2005

Ropecon 2006

Ropecon 2007