Ropecon 1999

So the year is 1999. Our gang had a cyberpunk theme. I was street preacher/assassin (yeah, lord works mysterious ways). Our gang also had hackers, street samurais and so on.
"Repent sinner!"
Here's Pipsa as cyberspace hacker. We did her an deck (Ono-sendai ofcourse) from old keyboard and painted oriental symbols on all keys.
"Your data isn't in safe enough place."
My brother Marko as pimp/streetfighter/etc. cool stuff. Looking very mean with that machete in hand.
"That's it, now your going to get it!!!"
And here's Joni ... our fourth member of gang. What is he supposed to be? Well atleast entertained having a gun.
"You say what?"
And here's the mysterious ancient mechanism called Käpy. There's also Käpyovi in Otaniemi. Käpy is Cone and Käpyovi is Cone Entrance.
Classical case of don't ever push the big red button. Well Make just had to try and started a massive chainreaction in Käpy. It started to make awful shrieking sound and it transformed to slightly different lookin Käpy. Creepy as hell.
Pipsa doing what her character does best ... well actually she's transferring pictures from camera to laptop.
Here's an miniature game going on. Noble knights are having a battle against massive box of Frosties with huge tiger on it.
Here's Make showing off with his fancy contactlens. It has circuitry on it.
And here we are playing boardgame called Cults across America. It was fun as you can see from Pipsa.
But Make's game didn't go that well so he argued about rules. Rules were changed. Make won.
But finally when the night came we were all friends again. And one kind fellow took picture about our merry gang.