Ropecon 1998

If you are in any of these pictures - I would be happy to put your name and possibly link to homepage with it. I can also send hi-res images by email if you like to have one of yourself.
This was my and Pipsa's first Ropecon. Make and Joni had been in two Cons before. This year we didn't have an digital camera in use - that's why so few and so bad pictures. This picture was taken by soneone else. I was as priest with cross painted in my face (I was an exorcist), Pipsa were thief/ranger with green hood and dagger, Make and Joni were there mystical magical creatures in black robes and skull painted in their faces. Shame that this picture came very bad because it is only one of us.
It was a first time I saw really good painted miniatures ... and lots of them. It was really nice and gave a spark to start painting miniatures myself.
Here's more of the miniature army.
Two very nice bodypaints.
And also first time seeing boffers ... and in tournament.
And here's two lady judges judging at boffer tournament.