Ropecon 2007

Year is 2007, location is Otaniemi and it is hot as hell. This year Pipsa decided to stay home because our younger dog Tiina is in a bit difficult age (well, atleast she wouldn't enjoy Ropecon). So it was me, Marko and Joni (after few years of absence he managed to join ranks again).

Marko got to decide our theme and it naturally was Zombies. To make things even simpler we decided to recycle our 2001 costumes as U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A. employers. So here goes ...
Marko and Joni next to our "mobilehome" (or base of operations if you will) for this year. Have to say it wasn't nearly as comfortable as one we managed to get last year but still better than any other option we had (thanks Marko for loaning van from work at Chebici).
Sooooo - here we are again. It was 9th year for me and Marko been few more than me. Joni also started earlier than me but had few years off.
First nice looking costumes right next to our car. Couldn't resist but ask for a picture.
Even that I had my makeup done on advance at home, we did Marko's and Joni's in mensroom as we arrived. Here's me all done. The blood we used looked absolutely amazing but was real bitch to wear. Mostly because it didn't fully dry ever and was very sticky.
Another one of me. Marko and Joni can be seen in mirror.
On several last years I have told myself to study more anime that I would recognize even some of the nice costumes. Well, here's bunch of nice costumes I have no idea what they are from.
These two lovely maidens wrote poems to people. I will post ours here when I get it back from Marko. It is undead themed and we all liked it very much. Thank you so much.
The damn zombies are wrecking even the monuments.
Oooh, beach volley at Ropecon. Brilliant idea.
More of the reason what makes the idea so brilliant.
Joni spotted Bub and Bob from classic videogame Bubble Bobble. Very nice idea and costumes.
And they even blew bubbles. Kawaii.
And here is Timo and Heini. Hope we continue our RPG soon.
Im not quite sure if these are any particular characters or just pseudo-anime-style kids are wearing these days. Nice either way.
Weirdest thing. These two girls were dragging big chest around with them. Later we heard it was Terry Pratchett thing.
Mortal Kombat!!!! Its Sub-zero, Scorpio and third one Im not absolutely sure of but looks like mad character from Soul Calibur.
Inside we saw S.T.A.R. member - archnemesis of U.M.B.R.E.L.L.A. zombies. Naturally we tried to eat her.
But her weapons were too much for me.
"I wasn't trying anything!"
And reinforcements arrived from bathroom - like she needed it :)
Here's Teemu playing something that Pipsa called "Ticket to Ride". Teemu said it was much fun - to me it looked like glorified Kimble.
She had really nice uniform - had to get a snapshot of her too.
Oooooo - aren't they real cuties?
So S.T.A.R.S, we meet again. Marko decided to have a little sneak attack on them - with full size warmaul that is.
Even as seasoned professionals of combat they were petrified of fear - fear of the warmaul.
"Why I didn't think of that?!?" wondered zombie on background.
"I kid, I kid."
But when we got our ranks up we thought to give them run for their money. Zombies work best in large numbers.
Slowly but surely we got closer and closer to precious brains.
And S.T.A.R.S. are toast.
"I kid, I kid." Again?
Cool looking space chick costume. She was in group that Teemu hanged with.
And gunslinging continued in parkinglot.
More nice costumes and froggie.
"Yatta!" yelled Marko when he with Joni got to pose with these lovely but lethal schoolgirls. Cool as heck.
Soft Fruity Snacks weren't as good as Joni led me to believe.
Teemu fighting boffers with some guy.
Crumby zombie - 'nuff said.
Extremely relaxed zombie.
Some posse at boffer site.
This HarryPotter/Knight wanted to have picture of me. As revenge I took one too.
Cyberpunk has always been close to my heart. Nice gear.

And friday turned to saturday
This winged beauty was enjoying sunshine which we had plenty almost whole weekend. Very well made wings btw - those are really hard to master.
Here's character from Final Fantasy series - can't remember name though but looked very much like original. One of the best costumes this year.
Ofcourse grillfood was popular as ever and lines said same. This time in line there are bunch of ninjas. Ninjas that I told whole Ropecon that pirates are cooler. They even gave us official ninja death thread that even extended to our pets.
Khrisna meets Death. And that wasn't a costume but guy trying to talk Death over to his religious believes. That's Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman ofcourse.
On saturday there definetly was more people and more very nice costumes. Met these guys in parking lot.
Saw lots of corsets too - here must be tinyest waist in Ropecon this year. Im quite sure she can't breath in it.
Absolutely fantastic. Nice to see big group in same theme. If Im not wrong these are characters from beat'em up game Soul Calibur (one of my favs).
And here's my favourite character from the game. Really well made costumes on all.
And succubus from World of Warcraft ofcourse. Just wondered where the warlock was hiding - must have been gnome.
Before we left we had one more time some chinese-grill-food which was once again excellent. Picture shot in line in terrible heat.

So we were there only friday and saturday. Sleeping in car wasn't very comfortable and we are getting old ... older. Perhaps most suitable way for us to enjoy Ropecon would be attending only saturday there (from early morning to very late at night). Prolly gonna try that next year (perhaps Pipsa will join our ranks again). Also already been some thoughts of next year's costumes - atleast mine costumes. Giving serious thought of going as Homer Simpson. Other plans were also thought like going as crew from Love Boat - or famous black action heroes like Mr.T or Shaft or... Time will tell.

Cya in Ropecon '08.