Ropecon 2006

And so came a year 2006. Summer's been like hottest ever ... even here in Finland. It was too hot to make any real plans about costume so I decided to recycle oldie goldie shaman costume. Plan was to add pointy ears, paint face green and go as orc shaman. Well, usually things dont go as planned. Week before Ropecon from out of the blue I had an idea about going as Twi'lek from Star Wars. Since there arent too many male ones even in movies it would by kind of rare thing to see. Im really happy about costume myself.

And this year proved it even farther. When I have decent costume I wont take pictures. So this is record year on number of pictures - only few :( All pictures of me are taken by Marko. Next year I will take more, I promise (like I promised last year too).
If you are in any of these pictures - I would be happy to put your name and possible link to homepage with it. I can also send hi-res images by email if you like to have one of yourself.
Have to face it - we are not kids anymore. Sleeping on floors or way too small cars isnt really an option anymore. So for second time we got trailer for loan. Ah, the luxury of cold fridge, warm bed and own space. Have to say though that those trailer designers must be most optimistic people in the world. With 3 people trailer was very good but for 6 (as it is designed) its catastrophe waiting to happen.
My ready costume just when we arrived at location in Otaniemi. Basicly its very basic black robe, pair of smurf coloured pantyhose (best thing for lekkus) and some strips of different kind of cloth to headpiece. Thank you Pipsa for buying those pantyhose. I was too embarrassed to go buy myself. Silly, since werent too embarrassed to walk around with them in my head whole weekend. All sewing were done by Pipsa and my aunt Leena.
There is always two, master and apprentice. But which is which?!?!?
Me and my brother Marko thought about different kinds of poses and he was so sure that "Yatta!" would be most appropriate. Well, thats what I mostly did when people asked to pose for picture :)
Heli, English Toy Terrier, geodog, second year Ropecon guest, our dOg.
Marko aka. Make aka my brother. He is mad about bicyclemessenger culture, fixed disc bikes etc. Those are actually pretty much the clothes he is wearing usually.
Heh heh, Blue Fitness Gym - blue Twi'lek - they should sponsor me!
Heli the guarddog at trailer. Anklebiter at its worst.
Entrace to Dipoli at sunday morning. First time seen it so deserted.
Inside was once again some art in display. Seems that there are even more beautiful works each year. This was one of my favourites.
You just cant go to Ropecon and not take atleast one picture of The Käpy. This year it was even more malfunctioning than last year so we pressed THe Big Red Button only once.
Behind Dipoli. You cant see in this picture but behind those rocks in left are about dozen people sleeping outside. This was 9am at sunday morning.
This kind of scenery opened to our eyes when opened trailer door. That parkingplace is in such a nice spot.
Some very nice anime costumes. Im so clueless about new anime these days that cant tell who these characters are but costumes were very nice. Too bad most people didnt put costumes on sunday (like me). I should started taking pictures on saturday already.
Another nice costumes in Kaubamaja.
Harmaasudet (grey wolves) were demonstrating how to fight with viking-era weaponry and armours. Its funny how those weapons look so tiny and still are quite heavy to operate. No warhammers size of Volkswagen like in so many fantasy games.
All of them were wearing padded cloth tunica under chainmail armour. Some had helmets and some didnt.
Spear is very cheap and effective weapon.
Here's Pipsa and her dad making trailer ready to be moved back home.
Well, thats about it then. Sith happens and so on.
Marko is always full of ideas for costumes for next years con but when time comes we either dont remember those or are too lazy to do anything about them. Last year he talked about going as some gang from Warriors movie and was again sure that it would be good idea for next year too. It would be a gang which is wearing baseballuniforms. Again, que sera que sera, what ever will be, will be.

Cya in Ropecon '07.