Ropecon 2005

In year 2005 I wore costume that I supposed to wear in 2004 but forgot about the whole idea. So I was Hellboy, Pipsa did wear her ringmail and Marko went as himself. First time our dog Heli was with us but she was mostly in trailer since there were so many people (actually 2500 this year).

Seems that you either take lots of pictures or have decent costume. This year I had that costume (and actually won a price for it). Most pictures are taken by Pipsa and Marko.
If you are in any of these pictures - I would be happy to put your name and possible link to homepage with it. I can also send hi-res images by email if you like to have one of yourself.

Again I did my makeup in my parents place which is halfway from home to Con. This year my kid sister Annika insisted to have makeup too. So I did this quick one on her - now to think of it - it kinda looks like the shaman one I had few years back.
My ready costume. Most of the makeup job is done by Marko so great thanks for him.
Same dude, different pose.
Posing with sister Annika before journey to Ropecon 2005.
First time we had trailer with us. It was soooooo handy for place to keep things, sleep, make food etc. Have to loan it next year too if Pipsa's parents still let us have it :)
On grass field people had this tournament which was from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Basicly they were whacking each other with cricketbats, skiis etc. (made of foam rubber ofcourse) and making apologies after the hit. Judges gave points on how good apology was. Weird but fun.
People watching whacking tournament.
Team getting ready for a match.
Another team and another fight. Notice Tifa from FF7 in middle.
More from the tournament.
Orc construction worker ... nice.
Boffers are very popular each year. This years new thing was teams tournament on boffer fighting.
Nice armor from WK40k ?
Good looking terrain for miniatyre game.
Demo game of Heroclix superhero-miniatyre-fighting-boardgame. We have bought miniatyres about a year ago but havent played single game yet :)
Props for miniatyre games. Always nice to look at.
Judges of MTG tournament. It really makes you wonder that counting isnt one of required skills for judges. Well, enough of that.
People playing on MTG tournament.
More card-nerds :)
Hellboy's job is to fight monsters. When I saw this 2,5m tall monster on lunch break having some spydäri I couldnt keep myself from interrupting him :) Very nice costume man!
Also a judge was walking among us. He got his face amazingly similar impression than Judge Dredd in comicbooks. But arent you a bit short for a judge? ;)
Dramatic shot of the HELLBOY.
And another one - really demonic eyes on this one. Funny how most of these pictures are about me posing in different locations :)
Marko teached me and Pipsa this dice game called 5000. We played few rounds and this document shows that I won both two played at that time :D Last picture of friday.
Saturday morning. Heli keeping guard of the trailer - lotsa weirdos outside.
Pipsa making our low-carb breakfast - bacon, eggs and chicken ... yummy.
And down the hatch - takes some time to recover from breakfast like this.
And its time to take more pictures of everyones favorite subject - me. Do sexy pose!
Heli was forced to be in picture too.
Outside on bofferfield. Hellboy is supposed to hate nazis over everything but this guy was so nice that I couldnt beat him up.
Last year they introduced this new thing Paper-Scissors-Stone tournament. It was very much like boxing or wrestling but without violence... okay, with a bit of violence. This year it was even more fun since I was in tournament too. In picture an international challenget is fighting with Lil'Tiger.
In several matches security staff was forced to enter the ring (which in fact was bouncyCastle). Pay attention to foreign object in right.
Later on linejudge was changed because of bribery (someone gave judge a bunch on bananas). Here's Lil'Tiger as linejudge giving someone a red card.
And my first match was against my younger younger brother Teme aka. Cowboy from Hell. Crueling match!
On first sign Teme did insulting sign and got yellow card for it. I won him anyway and after match we had a little brawl - my chest still hurts. This was my start in road to victory.
Last years undisputed champion defending title.
And again some foul play. Champion is defeated.
Some say that Hellboy wouldnt hit no ladies but sometimes man has to do what man has to do. Here's swedish challenger.
Some foul play with aid from judge - scissors turned to stone and ...
... Hellboy was victorious!
On earlier match Anna from Sweden (right side of picture) gave linejudge some tongue and automaticly won her match. Now international challenger (male one) is giving linejudge (male too) some tongue action. Anna in ring is puzzled.
Another match that some brawling before start already.
Big Red won once again and goes to semifinals.
At semifinals against me was veteran of the sport - Dr. Penishand was very skilled on last year already. His speciality is to think for a minute before every move. Have to say that it nearly broke my concentration but still I managed to win - usually with paper.
Before final match which was Hellboy vs. Anna from Sweden competitors had a chance to say some words to audience. Anna did very good Finland bashing and I did have very easy task to lure audience to my side.
As embarrassing it is - Anna ruled the finals from start.
First and second set went 2-1 for Anna. I think it was that hypnotic eyes of her that made Hellboy lose his touch.
And here she is - champion of 2005 KPS tournament - Anna from Sweden.
ON the right is champions sister which I won on tournament :) And that concludes pictures from saturday.
On sunday we mostly geocached in Otaniemi area. Heres some photos from that trip. First stop - church of Otaniemi - no place for devilboy have to admit. There were some ceremony going on and people coming from their cars gave me an weird look. Well, I look weird.
Ah - nature so close to city. Really nice coastal places around Otaniemi.
Me, Pipsa and Heli at birdwatching tower.
Someone had throwed away wonderful foamrubber - great material to make boffer swords. If we were with car I would have taken some but we were on foot.
At that buildings gate there were geocache.
This heropose concludes our photogallery of Ropecon 2005. Hope you had fun with it.

Again some ideas was already for next year - is it zombiecowboys, witchhunters or mexican wrestlers - time will tell. See you next year.