Ropecon 2004

2004 was a year when nobody got any good ideas of a costume and we all just kind of went. I had black jumpsuit and hockeymask which I didn't wear that much (and I had an stingray hat too), Pipsa had finished her last year's chainmail which was nice, Make just wen't as himself and Joni didn't come at all this year. Con was full of great costumes that gave good inspiration for next year. This year I decided to take as much pictures as possible.
If you are in any of these pictures - I would be happy to put your name and possible link to homepage with it. I can also send hi-res images by email if you like to have one of yourself.
Like every year - this year started with a line. I think this year's line were longer than ever - but it moved pretty smoothly. Here's line forward from us.

Already standing in line we noticed lot's of colourful people.

And line behind us.
From year to year cosplay seemed to become more and more popular. This year there were anime characters more than ever. Also fayfolk were popular.
And again Kaubamaja (marketplace) were as popular as ever. This year there were two companys selling softair stuff. Also there were lot's of boardgames, miniatures, rpg's, CCG's, statues, clothing, swords and knives etc.
These lovely ladies gave a quick pose in parkinglot. Nice costumes.
As said anime were bigger than ever and costumes were very nice. I think because of anime/manga craze and cosplay stuff more girls have joined Ropecon ranks.
Here's my younger brother Teme and his posse playing cards. Pipsa on the side (nice chainmail).
Fighting with bofferswords is always popular and nice outdoorhobby. Here's some players.
Gametype was traditional shirts versus skins - anything goes.
Hmmm ... is he a smurf or beaten black and blue?
People in audience looking boffers. This year colourful wigs and coloured real hairs were also popular.
Also checkers was definetly this years thing (rarely seen before). Make was hoping that he was wearing his jester costume from few years back.
Pipsa showing proudly her Magic the Gathering tournament membership card thingie.
Masses of card players - mostly MTG.
Teme in MTG draft competition. He is very happy (not) having only land in his hand. Later he lost.
Make watching Teme lose in tournament. Good thing that Teme won next tournament.
Some very nice looking costumes in con.
Another cool outfits. Thanks for a pose.
Make's Cold Steel Arc Angel CS-96BSS with spearpoint blade. He can handle it pretty good already. There is also video Make flinging angel in teršasekeskus homepage .
Nice anime outfits - thank your for a pose ladies. I'm not very familiar with new animes so I'm not guessing characters.
Lovely ladies getting ready for a second day of Con (taken on morning in parkinglot).
Nice rasta-hair on her. At this time me and Make were sitting in lawn. I had an root beer and Make had an Ginger Beer. Both tasted awful.
So cosplay were bigger than ever and there were more young ladies at con than ever. It's nice to have new people in scene (specially with such nice costumes).
I think those people in left are from Naruto. Very nice costumes.
Classic elf/fairy.
This year there were also more ninjas than ever. Here's one sitting in a tree.
On saturday weather were good and people were outside a lot. She had a wonderful costume.
Here's Petri Hiltunen with his family. Petri Hiltunen is famous finnish comicbook artist (and does million other things too).
It's Llewar from Teme's posse. He had nice leather armour (which were hot as hell to wear).
New thing this year was Paper-Scissors-Stone tournament. It was very much like boxing or wrestling but without violence. Very hard to explain - it just got to be seen. Very much fun.
More of lovely ladies of Ropecon.
One of the best elves ever.
This year there were also Orc Larp and orcs were everywhere.
Asian and japanese things in general are becoming more and more popular.
One of the best costumes of Con (I think this even won prizes).
This year again Teme attended boffer tournament. Big men hitting hard with relatively soft swords. Good punch still hurts like hell. Here's Teme's first opponent.
Teme fought very well and won his first opponent.
Some people around boffer ring.
Very nice looking Warhammer 40 000 Orc. He had also goblin fanatic with him (she had a huge ball and chain).
Teme's seconf match is starting. With him in picture are 2 judges (and you can see some of his opponent).
Generally guys without shirts are good at boffers.
Fight was crueling. Points are 1-1 and it's best out of 3.
Teme had met his match and lost. He fought very well but other guys was just a bit better.
Here's some lady with very nice boots and admirer (on lawn).
These ladies have their own securityguard (with chainmail and sword). Nice group.
More of checker style. Very nice costumes.
She was pretty good with boffersword and had dragon tattoo (a bit similar to mine). Her costume was a vampire.

So went's another Ropecon. At saturday evening Make got very sick and we were planning on leaving anyway so we left. All good costumes left enthusiasm for next year. Perhaps we are going as pirates, or cowboys or completely something else.