Ropecon 2003

Ropecon 2003 aka Ropecon X

Year 2003 was year of apathy. Nobody got the spark to have any great idea so some of us had suits and some not. I was this demonic clown and Pipsa made herself new ringmail armor being vampire slayer or something :)

Line was so long. We just took our place looked how the line slowly went inside. About an hour later we went to line ourselves because it didn 't seem to get any shorter. Few minutes after that started to rain slowly and about half hour after that we got inside.

Here's Pipsa sitting and waiting for neverending line to get shorter. It didn't.
People were coming with all sorts of vehicles. Some came by bus, some by train and some even by humvee. Way cool. You can park that kind of vehicle anywhere you like... and a bit later they did. Vehicle was in about 45 degree angle with two tyres on top of stonefence.
At start we bought this energy drink which looked like piss, tasted like piss and which best before date were months ago. But it worked :) Next day I bought this Red Bull energy drink which were made in Thailand. It was in brown glass bottle which had all kinds od thai text I couldn't understand. Looked scary but was pretty good.
Inside we started a game of Chez Geek. It's fun cardgame. You should try it.
Joni felt a bit camerashy (how unlike him). Perhaps he was embarrased to play perky gothic chick character in game.
Marko having fun with collecting Star Trek stuff in game.
And then my even younger brother Teemu came. This was his first year in RopeCon.
That blue-haired-freak had also these weird contactlenses.
Pretty cool jacket he got thought.

And that's it about Ropecon X which were tenth RopeCon ever. I was just lazy to take pictures so that's it.
Perhaps more next year.