Ropecon 2002

If you are in any of these pictures - I would be happy to put your name and possibly link to homepage with it. I can also send hi-res images by email if you like to have one of yourself.
2002 and we went as a crew of original Star Trek. I made THE mistake ... shaving off my beard. That's not going to happen again soon.
And our photos start from Joni as chief engineer of Enterprise.
Here's Pipsa in her univorm.
And whole crew without captain (who is taking the picture).
That Captain Kirk is such a ladies man ... perhaps someone should tell him that isn't a lady (but actually my brother Make).
Most of the crew of Enterprise sitting on rocks of some uninhabited planet. Make was complaining about starfleet regulation thong underwear.
There's art gallery in ropecon every year. This year there were my drawings too.
Make's travellers chess were missing one pawn ... it was replaced with gummybear.
Very nice hair thingie on outside.
We are playing pyramidis and Make is doing his worst vulcan sign ever.
Clock says it's about midnight and everyone are having so much fun.
"Boardgames are so much fun!" -Make
"One of the best games ever!" - Joni
"Stop whining you wussies and start playing!" - Jani
And as clock ticked friday turned to saturday. Here's very nice cosplay costume of Vash the Stampede from Trigun.
As night was at its darkest we went outside. Make did some glowstick slinging in chains. He also whirles fire in chains but because open fire was forbidden in Ropecon he used only glowsticks.
It looked very nice in dark.
Next morning Joni bought an Klingon delicasy.
Actually Joni had never tried heart of T'arg before but it looked interesting (actually it was some indian stuff).
After a while of hesitation he tasted it. It tasted almost as good as it looked.
In other words .... pretty fucking terrible.
Here's our tourguide with ConBus.
Joni was very exited that we were going to capital of Finland, Helsinki.
For Make it wasn't such a big deal. So with us were also Kim (seen in picture in while).
When we arrived at Helsinki (about a 15 minutes of busride) we had a wonderful surprise. There were this science-fiction-exhibition we just had to go. Make didn't wear his univorm that cost him a nice sum of money ... that's because Me, Pipsa and Joni in Star Trek univorms got in free. Kim and Make had to pay. Here's Joni and Pipsa doing their "Welcome to Jurassic Park" -pose.
And there were tyrannosaurus. Good thing it had just eaten.
Ans there were some aliens inside.
And alien queen was having time of her life in disco (actually that statue was quite huge).
Boba had left his helmet there. It looked really nice - even from close.
Darth Vader was also standing there.
And here's me with my idol.
Pipsa pointing a pointy eared freak ... I wonder was it an elf or vulcan?
And this fella tried to use our cellphones.
Here we are at all you can eat buffee (Golden Rax). Make is trying to fool everybody that he is eating vegetables.
Here's more like what we ate (salsa sause was very good with pepperoni pizza).
And at evening we played Zombies boardgame. While Pipsa was learning the rules (Pipsa always does and teaches the game to everybody) zombies did a little square dancing show for us. Beautiful.
More of the square dancing.
Here's the game in progress. Man it took forever to play.
And here's Kim playing zombies. I'm not sure if that's his Pepsi because Kim usually drinks Dr. Pepper.
And only thing keeping Make ticking were Jolt Cola (nowadays he doesn't care for energy drinks that much).
I think there have been every year this Vietnam War strategy game called "Charlie ei surffaa" which means "Charlie doesn't Surf". Some years there have also been vietnam war larp.
Next morning Joni were having Pringles for breakfast. Make and Joni kicked some footbag (which was a trend thing that year).
Some people watching boffer tournament finals.
And here's Pipsa.
And more boffering. Boffer finals are just about last program in Ropecon so soon after this we left ... tired, bored and can't just wait for next year.