Ropecon 2000

Year 2000 was fantasy's turn. I was forest shaman. Our team also had female highland warrior, evil jester and nordic barbarian.
Here's Joni and Make chilling in sofa. (Taken in Pipsa's brother's place)
And Pipsa in her highland suit. Her ringmail in made from 3mm steelrings so it weight tons and is extremely uncomfortable to wear.
Violence started already on parkinglot.
Inside marketplace was open all sorts of stuff changed owners for sums of gold. Softair weapons were extremely nice looking but price was way too high for my budget. Even that I fancied FAMAS rifle very much and would loved to take one home.
Joni made friends easily ...
When sun went down there were some firebreathing outside. There were professionals showing how to do it and audience got a change to try themselves. Surprisingly nobody got hurt very bad.
On second day I didn't paint my face anymore so I out on that gasmask. Actually it was way more painful to wear than bodypaint.
Here's Pipsa sitting on rock. Nice costume.