Here I have collected some works that didn't seem to fit in any other category. Weird experimental images and as weird requested materials. Have a try!

Name: Powe Whirl
Style: CGI
Description: Weird background I've done with smooth shadow image of woman.
Name: Death
Style: CGI
Description: Some weird drug - package was made from finnish cold-drug called Coldrex.

Name: Jinx 400mg
Style: CGI
Description: Another drug-package.
Name: misc
Style: CGI
Description: This image I made for my brother to later be tattooed on his arm. After all the tattoo came out looking very different from my drawing.
Name: Smiling vortex
Style: CGI
Description: I saw one Jenny McGarthy image which had great smile and mysterious eyes so I decided to play with it a little. Here's the resurt.
Name: Make MTG
Style: CGI
Description: Some picture manipulation I did for my brother. It's an Magic the Gathering card with my brother's image on it. It's called summon god and it's very rare ^_^
Name: Refreshing Pipsa
Description: Yet another picture manipulation. This one I did for Pipsa from Pepsi bottle.
Name: Jadzia Dax, Jedi Knight
Description: Here's picture manipulation of Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Jedi Master.
Name: Fish Tattoo
Size: 102k
Style: CGI
Description: Here's tribal style tattoo that I designed. It's filled with oriental fish-pattern and is showed in flash art and also in skin (using photomanipulation).
Name: Masiina
Description: Here's old project of mine which I finally got finished. It's portable DVD player ... well it seems a bit silly because today we have those but when I started this project it was only fiction. Came out looking pretty cool anyway.