Sorry for abandoning the ship for so long. I have plans to remake these pages sometime in future but that can take time. Until then I can be found at Deviant Art and/or Facebook

Latest updates:

15.8. Amazing - only a year since last update. That means Ropecon 2007 photogallery is up.
14.8. Ropecon 2006 photogallery is up.
27.7. Ropecon 2005 photogallery is up.
19.1. Here's few new pictures:
Female Archer.
Nightelf from World of Warcraft.
14.1. New year and same old things. I hurt my knee (again) when pushing my co-workers car ... well something good came out of it ... one week sick leave and time to update my pages (yey). Well, here goes:
Attacking demoness! (H).
Fierce warrior with two axes.
Celestial Body.
Elf by Day.
Elf by Night.
Nutmeg, Fairy Pornstar (H).
One King.
Elven Officer.
War Minister.
Autopsy (H).
Doodle 1.
Doodle 2.
Female Paladin.
2.12. My sincere apologies for abandoning this site for so long time. Lot's of things happening all the time and less time to draw (geocaching is taking most of my free time at the moment). There may be some new pictures that aren't here in my Elfwood galleries (check links from right). I will post new pictures when I finish them. Until then, cheers.
26.7. This years Ropecon went well and I took a tons of pictures. Check out new pictures in gallerys (some in yester years too). My last week of summer vacation has started and here's what I promised - brand new pictures.

Fairy Pornstar (H).
Pixie Warrior.
Future witch-hunter.
Elven warrior.
Badass fantasy bodyguard.
Female Mercenary.
Elven Princess as slave.
Succubus as slave (H).
Vampire Lady enjoying meal.
Wannabe adventurer.

That's it for now and I promise that next update won't take even a year :)
Whoah! I played World of Warcraft on final beta for about a week. Whoah! Great experience. I managed to get my warrior Kathryn (in picture) to level 21. I also tried almost every other character class but warrior seemed most fitting to my style. I totally recommend for everybody who are wondering should they try MMORPG or not.
A new hobby - - - geocaching. Check more from
or I'm logged in as Jinxter.

Now I have two galleries at Elfwood (which is an online gallery in web). All pictures there have been published previously on my homepage. There's huge amount of really gifted artist that put me in shame but it's really nice site you should visit:

My originals in Elfwood
My fan stuff in Elfwood

I found this great online comic on net. Do yourself a favore and go take a look. I loved it.

And I think you should start from the beginning ... there's a lot to read and you learn to love those characters real quick. It's also great to see how drawing is really improving with time.
Check out this wicked cool battle-RPG on internet. Choose your character from numerous races including way cool UNDEAD. You only need browser to play. Do yourself a favour and check it out. Follow the link:


Check out also these pages under Flaming-Trout:

My thanks and hi's go to: Pipsa for being my toughest critic and most helpful beta-tester and advisor, Mikko "Mig" Pekkarinen for teaching me to start using Photoshop and scannings of rarest pieces in my Shirow gallery (+ everything else you're done for me), all people who have made great Shirow pages on WWW and whom I have "borrowed" some graphics and texts, all manga fan-artists for being great inspirations for me, Masamune Shirow for being single most strongest influence on my drawing ... that's about it I guess.
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