NCC-5008 U.S.S. Interceptor


First I'd like to say something. I don't know everything about Star Trek universe so please don't crucify me for logic errors I have made. This project is done just for fun so please don't take it too seriously.

Okay... this is about my own project to do manga-comic based on Star Trek. It is series I have invented on my own. It's called Star Trek: Deep Space Generations or shortly DSG. It takes place about 20-30 years from DS9. It follows adventures with crew of Federation starship U.S.S Interceptor. Their mission is to explore wonders of Gamme Quadrant and maintain peace in there. Great war with Dominion is over (thanks to secret romulan/ cardassian weapon that keeps changelings in liquid form in their homeworld). After that everything have been in good hands but recently weird unmarked ships have been attacking federation vessels. Reports say that they appear from nothing and shoot with extremely powerful beamweapons of unknown kind to Federation and it allies. Contact's with these new vessels are only few but from recordings of boarded vessel we have discovered that they are some kind of insects. We can only hope that these attacks don't lead into full scale war.




First Officer, Number One

Tactical Commander

Chief of Troops

Chief of Security

Chief Medical Officer

Chief of Operations

Communications Officer

Head Science Officer

Diplomatic Counselor

Misc crewmembers

Guest stars

The Story


Chief of Security Ltn. Odo:
- I'm looking forward to serve under your command, sir.

- I wan't you to know right now that I can never totally trust a shape-shifter. Not after what happened in past. Nothing personal but I'll be watching you.

- Aye, Sir.

Chief Medical Officer Ltn. Rashella Garr:
- Captain. Can I ask you a personal question?

Captain Patrick K. Lamark
- Go ahead lieutnant.

- Why you use such a primitive prothesis on your arm? I could easily install a normal hand looking one.
- *laugh* You know doctor, it makes people think. Some people are scared by it, some are impressed. The main thing is that everybody reacts to it. I'll let it to remind people of the main reason we are patrolling here. And I'm kinda attached to it too. *grin*

Captain Patrick K. Lamark:
- Captain's Log stardate 49975.1. We have been informed about some violent activitys on sector 12C. Right now we are cruising to that sector to find-out what is going on. I hope it won't be nothing serious!

Communications Officer Ltn. Yajima:
- Captain, they are scanning us.

Captain Patrick K. Lamark:
- Open Channels!
- This is Patrick K. Lamark, captain of the federation vessel U.S.S. Interceptor. Identify yourselfs!

- No response.

- This is Captain Lamark of U.S.S. Interceptor. Identify yourself or we will open fire!
- Prepare shields.

Ltn. Cmdr. Odo:
- They're targeting us!

- Red Alert! Shields up! Battlestations!